Welcome to our as yet unnamed Book Club space.

(We've managed 30 years without a name, so maybe we don't need one.)

This space is still a work in progress. We need input from all our talented members. But here's what we've got so far:

Our Archive - Prepare to be impressed. So many books...so many years.

Our Book Suggestions - Books we've mentioned that we might like to read someday. Add your ideas here, while you still remember them. Our list of gift books.

Our Calendar - Where are we meeting? What are we reading?

Our Blog - some members have started a blog to talk about books - includes non Book Club books as well as a monthly report on our Book Group discussions. Feel free to visit and comment.

Other Book Groups - a link to the B3 Book Club that gave us the idea for our wikispace. Thanks ladies!

Humor - This says it all. Thank you, Diane!

What's New - Interesting articles and news of upcoming events. Tell us about what's caught your attention.

Funding Literacy - A charitable initiative in celebration of our 25 years together

Mah Jongg Calendar

Performances and Meetings

30th Anniversary


Non-fiction Group

Non-fiction Book Suggestions